Jules helps you organize, budget, and save money through item-level transparency.

Easy, automated & lovable 👏

A better way to organize, budget, and save money.


Awesome features to supercharge your savings

Jules is the friend you trust to shop with


Feel better about shopping & saving

Personal shopping assistant

Bulk optimization, rebuy reminders, alternative price comparisons & more

Save money without changing your lifestyle

Get personalized saving opportunities based on your shopping preferences

Insights as sweet as unexpected money

Jules will tell you things that excite you - like ways to save, reduce your footprint and shop smarter

Privacy and security

We take the highest measures for your privacy, including keeping data anonymized

Automated budgeting

We'll help you automate your budget to reduce spending stress

Track your progress

Keep up with your budget and track where you stand

Price tracking, just for the stuff you care about

Compare prices on the items you buy across all major online retailers, automatically.

Track your spending, but make it itemized

Organize your finances with item-level categorization, all in one place. 

& 200+ more

When is Jules available to download?

  • We're working hard on development and we'll be launching soon. To get early access, please add your name to the waitlist and you'll get to be part of our private beta testing before we go live.

What exactly will Jules do for me?

  • Our goal is to make Jules an everyday part of your financial wellbeing. That includes organizing your finances, creating better budgets, alerting you to savings opportunities, and much more. If you have any suggestions or feature requests, email zack@meetjules.com.

Which devices support Jules?

  • We'll be launching Jules on Android and iOS first, followed by a desktop version.

How much does Jules cost?

  • Jules is currently 100% free. We may introduce paid features in the future, but the basic use will always be free.

How can I get involved?

  • Please sign up for the waitlist and contact us with any questions. We'd love to hear from you!



Itemized transactions

Categorized spending (item level) 

Entire transaction history 

Personalized price comparison

Personalized savings Insights

Enriched data (shipping, tax, etc.)